Nakheel Harbour and Tower by Woods Bagot Architects

Have you ever seen a tower with a height of more than a kilometer? Check out this world’s tallest tower known as Nakheel Tower, designed by Woods Bagot. This tower & harbour is inspired by Islamic design and is going to be a home to more than 55,000 people and will attract millions of visitors each year. It will be a combination of a location for living, working, relaxing and entertainment. Nakheel Tower will have four individual towers within a single structure. A unique curved-shaped platform encircles the base and complements its astonishing height.

nakheel harbour and tower

nakheel harbour and tower

nakheel harbour and tower

nakheel harbour and tower

Designer : Woods Bagot Architects

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5 thoughts on “Nakheel Harbour and Tower by Woods Bagot Architects

  1. When designing a tall structure there is as much of a risk of it being targeted by terrorists as a small structure. If people want to blow something up or create carnage somewhere they will aim for it whether it is a tall structure or not. I love the design but all the images are the same with different backdrops e.g. day and night. I want more views please.

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