Motorola Cinch Is A Device That Helps The Staff Of Restaurants And Bars To Run More Efficiently

Ben Coble, the designer of Cinch, created this concept while he was working for Motorola in 2008. The project was heavily research-based. The restaurant industry has been observed and documented, with close attention paid to staff communication, work flow and payment. Cinch is a device specifically designed for the waiter/waitress. To better explain what this device does, let us create a scenario.

When a hostess seats newly arrived customers at their table, the waitress responsible is notified via her Cinch. When the food or drinks are ready, the kitchen or bar can alert Cinch so that the waitress can deliver them to the proper table. When customers need anything during the course of the meal or are ready to pay the bill, they can notify their waitress. Thus this system improves service and helps a restaurant or bar run much more efficiently, while leaving human interaction at a maximum.

Designer : Ben Coble

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Cinch uses an e-ink display to reduce battery consumption, limit its costs and improve contrast and screen visibility. The table viewed is shown as a number at the top, with a large icon in the center. This icon indicates what is the current need for the customer. Because the waiters and waitresses are so busy, the interface of the Cinch is helpful when needed, but it can be completely ignored when not. If a waitress wants to ignore the device she can do it for an entire shift. The Cinch has a proximity sensor which is used to “scroll” through information, cycling through each table that the waitress is responsible for. A logo pocket on the bottom of the device allows restaurants and bars to brand their device sets. The device uses a clip accessory, allowing it to be attached to a belt, key chain or lanyard.

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One thought on “Motorola Cinch Is A Device That Helps The Staff Of Restaurants And Bars To Run More Efficiently

  1. Must for all chain diners alone & hotels, resorts & cruise ships, avoid wrong orders at wrong table mixup., Must for Heavy business use.

    Test on Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas for a cruise ship test (captive audience).

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