Morning Scroll Coffee Set Is Your One-Stop Coffee Station

Made by Californian based maker, Corky Cholakian, this coaster set serves up form and function to become companion of your morning beverage. Place this on your desk, it holds your coffee mug and phone in style. Each piece is handcrafted from bamboo and ebony, it aims to organize your space by keeping your coffee mug (included), holding our phone vertically, and it also comes with a stirrer. [Buy It Here]

Morning Scroll Coffee Set by Corky Cholakian

This handmade coffee tray comes with dishwasher-safe mug, it fits perfectly on the tray. Due to the handmade nature of this item, you can expect each piece would be different. It’s a nice one-stop caffeination station, drink your coffee while reading your emails, news, or checking your social media accounts. [Buy It Here]

Morning Scroll Coffee Set by Corky Cholakian

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