Mori London Midnight Oil Lamp Captures The Essence of Vintage Oil Lamp and Brings It to Modern World

Mori London reinterpreted our traditional oil lamp into modern world, Midnight Oil Lamp is an oil lamp that combines modern aesthetic with technology. As far as we can remember, flame has been the first and light source that guided our ancestors through history. We have been fascinated with movement and warmth of this light source that it is hardwired into our brains. Even though we have replaced that type of light source with electric light, it doesn’t eliminate our love for candlelight, in fact, it helps to emphasize its special effect to us. [Buy It Here]

Mori London Midnight Oil Lamp

Mori London Midnight Oil Lamp

Designed by Moritz Waldemeyer, Midnight Oil Lamp takes the shape of iconic traditional oil lamp, but this time, it is battery powered. It houses a minimal circuitry that displays cool flame within a glass body. Even though that digital circuit is very low resolution, yet, it is able to reproduce the unique motion of a flame. Midnight Oil LED Lamp delivers the essence of a flame while functioning as an effective light source. [Buy It Here]

Mori London Midnight Oil Lamp

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