Moon Coffee Maker Concept Wants to Capture The Ritual of Coffee Culture of Italy

Moon Coffee Machine is a conceptual project of a coffee maker that features “steampunk” look while maintaining modern shape and unique character. The objective of the design is to keep its rawness and mechanical steampunk look of true, traditional Italian espresso makers.

Coffee machines have become common household appliance, however, the design has changed overtime, most often we can see that it’s been reduced to small and simple. We can only see cool industrial espresso makers in restaurants or cafes. There’s a special feeling when we make coffee as a morning ritual using that big chrome coffee machine.

Moon Coffee Maker by Roee Ben Yehuda

Moon Coffee Maker by Roee Ben Yehuda

Roee Ben Yehuda is always fascinated with classic, industrial coffee machines, it looks like having a small lab where you can engineer your perfect cup of coffee. However, with modern coffee machines reduced to capsule and a press of a button, do we still feel the sacred ritual of making a coffee?

Moon Coffee Machine concept was born out of the love for mechanical and tactical objects. This coffee machine looks like the mini version of those industrial machine with cute characteristic touch.

Moon Coffee Maker by Roee Ben Yehuda

Moon Coffee Maker by Roee Ben Yehuda

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