Monster Jumbo Could Be The Largest Airplane In The World

To answer the needs of larger, more fuel efficient, and more silent airplane, Philip Pauley has designed Monster Jumbo Aircraft. This Quad Deck Monster Jumbo concept has been designed to transport more people to further destinations with sustainability and environmental consideration in mind. If this design went into production, it would be the largest airplane in the world, capable of transporting 1,500 people half way around the world without the need for refuel. Identified by many as being similar in many ways to the “Hughes H-4 Hercules”, this Monster Jumbo is set for the record books if it receives suitable public and private support.

Designer : Philip Pauley

Monster Jumbo by Phil Pauley

Monster Jumbo by Phil Pauley

Monster Jumbo by Phil Pauley

Monster Jumbo by Phil Pauley

Monster Jumbo by Phil Pauley

Monster Jumbo by Phil Pauley

Monster Jumbo by Phil Pauley

Monster Jumbo by Phil Pauley

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19 thoughts on “Monster Jumbo Could Be The Largest Airplane In The World

  1. Other apps:
    Tanker for US Air Force
    New Air Force 1 for White House
    Exec Jet?
    Air Cargo – Big market for.

    Darn subsonic speed
    & lost luggage issues.
    & seat passengers by Deck Level vs Cabin IE 1st & Business Class??
    Have a Family Area for kids under 5.
    Massage area?
    Meeting cabin for 30 to use.
    Have cabin for 4 flight crew, 2 on, 2 off for TransPac flights>
    or 4 aircrew total for flight.
    Need more lavatories Big time.
    & EMT Area for any inflight med issues.

    OK Boeing build this.

  2. Just a question.
    The central sector of the airplane seems too heavy, how can the wings support the weight ???

  3. Ridiculous. Do you know that, just with the A380, you have to change the size of most of the landing runways around the world… And put the wings over the body makes the steering even heavier….
    Come on… be smart.

  4. Relax. The Russians probably have something bigger. They always do.
    BTW: Wouldn't this make a grand aircraft for a terrorist to hijack? Hate to see what this'll do to the Freedom Towers.
    BTW (part 2): How on God's-Green-Earth would this monstrosity be fuel-efficent. Is it nuclear-powered?!
    BTW (part 3): That would be so cool if it was! Please make in NUCLEAR!

  5. The Soviet An-225 Mriya could do all of this. Pity Gorbachev broke up the Antonov bureau coz its director supported the coup against him.

  6. I have always loved massive planes used to draw them when I was 5 the bigger the better. Just curious what size is this the current limits are 80m x 80m x 80m otherwise the would need special infrastructure specially built for it. Genuinely the massive plane is very cool.

  7. Lol…I see no reason how this can help cut fuel usage, other than the "car-pooling" effect. This guy is an artist. He can't scientifically validate any claim of increased efficiency. The size and extra wings add a lot of drag. And the two engines on the inside of the wings are going to have a difficult time functioning properly because of the vortices created by the front wings are going to mess with the airflow through them. The fact that there are 3 wings could also lead to stability issues that take a long time to solve.

    Bottom line–it's not gonna happen…

  8. thats our new champ, cause were american and thats who we are keep on going with thd great ideas!__ (A)

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