Modern Hourglass Tea-Brewing Ritual Set Helps to Support Calming Ritual for Steeping Your Tea

Modern Hourglass Tea Ritual Set is the perfect tea brewer for design conscious tea lovers. It turns tea time into “me” time, thanks to this beautifully designed kit, making your tea will become a beautiful ritual. You can start pouring pipping-hot water into one end of this infuser, not just it looks like an hourglass but it also functions like one. It immerses you in a ritual of tea-making world. Add a spoonful or two of loose-leaf tea from airtight ceramic jar, secure the other end of this infuser, then watch a slow, hypnotic pleasure of letting the tea steep. After two to three minutes, flip this infuser and watch cool rainfall effect as it strains your perfectly brewed beverage. You can pour your tea into glass cups by holding the silicone sleeve, then take a sip at your delicious tea. When you’re done, stack those cups on top of each other, then both on top of the jar. [Buy It Here]

Modern Hourglass Tea Ritual Set

Modern Hourglass Tea Ritual Set

Modern Hourglass Tea Ritual Set

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