Modern Fireplace : Bioethanol Fireplace from Vulcania

Hate the old fireplace ? Let’s replace them with bioethanol fireplace from vulania, no smoke, gas, soot or ash. This portable fireplace available in black or white lacquer, or deep wenge finish. By using optional wheels allow this bioethanol fireplace to be moved easily to any location of your choice. The best part is, the fire can be viewed from either side to bring comfort and warmth your home, and this fireplace should be available on the beginning of December. In the mean time, you can check out alaxa for more information.

bio-ethanol fireplace

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3 thoughts on “Modern Fireplace : Bioethanol Fireplace from Vulcania

  1. Ethanol fireplaces are about 85% cleaner than natural gas or propane. I have testing all these fuels for the amount of CO generated during combustion, and by far ethanol is cleaner than the other two. I have developed an automatic lighting system, an automatic shut off system and a removable fuel tank for a phase change ethanol burner. Nobody has the ability to light an ethanol fireplace remotely or refuel while being operated. I do have such a working design and have two awards from the HPBA show (2008) for this design. With the failing of the hearth company this design is now available to producers of ethanol products.

  2. Dear Martin, is there any ethanol product producer that is already using your mechanism? I am definitely interested in it, but I found noone on the market who has developed am automatic burner… Any tips?? When shall we expect it to be available? Thanks

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