Mobiado CPT003 Concept Mobile Phone by Peter Bonac

Mobiado CPT003 concept mobile phone combines art and engineering into one, the result highlights the creativity level of Mobiado. This company has been consistently guided by a philosophy of doing things differently, a principle that is reflected on the CPT0003 concept phone. Wrapped in fine Italian leather with gold zipper and sewn together with gold thread, this phone pushes the limits of what a luxury phone can be. Peter Bonac, the man who is responsible for this artistic design, derived his inspiration from couture fashion to add another cell phone to Mobiado’s collection of mobile instruments.

Mobiado CPT003 concept mobile phone features touch screen technology that is made from a single piece of sapphire crystal. The volume and power buttons on the side of the body are made from pure solid gold, although CPT003 is currently just a concept, it looks like having great future of potential developments.

Designer : Peter Bonac for [Mobiado]

Mobiado CPT003 Concept Mobile Phone

Mobiado CPT003 Concept Mobile Phone

Mobiado CPT003 Concept Mobile Phone

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