MiniMum Bicycle by Omer Sagiv

MiniMum bicycle is an innovative city bike by its simplicity using the minimum production effort while on the other hand providing maximum user experience. Its minimal and smart structure bike frame is made out of aluminum tubes, a single front and rear fork and a wire rope. The wire rope supports seatpost by maintaining a flexible tension towards the front of the bike, in a very elegant and light way, giving it a unique touch. Maintenance shouldn’t be an issue, it requires almost no maintenance at all. Enjoying the back pedal break and the fixed gear system with a Kevlar belt instead of a chain.

MiniMum bicycle has been designed for a quick, cheap and easy mass production process. It is very light, thin and simple hence would have a low emission impact.

Designer : Omer Sagiv

MiniMum bicycle by Omer Sagiv

MiniMum bicycle by Omer Sagiv

MiniMum bicycle by Omer Sagiv

MiniMum bicycle by Omer Sagiv

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