Minimalist and Multipurpose Verso Shelf Wide for Small Space Furniture Solution

Mikko Halonen, a furniture designer, who always works from both ecological and aesthetic perspective when it comes to designing a modern furniture for your home. Verso Shelf Wide is a good companion for those who are always on the move. This simple furniture is ideal for limited space or anyone who needs a simple furniture with minimal fuss. The design of Verso was intended for this shelf to lean against a wall, it only consists of two parts and can be assembled in just minutes.

Verso Shelf Wide by Mikko Halonen

Designed to be versatile, Verso Shelf Wide displays your clothes, books, or magazines in style. It’s a mobile and lightweight shelf that you can easily repurpose or reposition, moving it from one place to another, over and over. You can combine it with Verso Magazine Stand that would fit perfectly onto each shelf for more functionalities such as displaying your art, toothbrush or daily essentials. [Buy It Here]

Verso Shelf Wide by Mikko Halonen

Verso Shelf Wide by Mikko Halonen

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