Metal Wind Chime Design Features Distinct Pattern To Maximize Resonance and Sound Projection

Bryan Wong has submitted his latest design, it’s a Metal Wind Chime, a wind chime that appeals aesthetically and acoustically. Living and working in a big city like New York can dull your senses: the long work hours, rowdy neighborhoods, crowded commute, and compacted apartment. Occasionally, a much-needed vacation is required to break free and relax. Apart from taking vacations, we can also achieve this by improving our living environment and home decor. Our well-beings require a holistic approach, in order to have our senses honed and horizons broadened. For the designer, in his culture, wind chimes are heavily used spiritually, aesthetically, and therapeutically. That’s why he was interested in elevating a simple wind chime into something new and desirable. This design challenge was how he began an eight-month journey.

Designer : Bryan Wong

Metal Wind Chime by Bryan Wong

Metal Wind Chime by Bryan Wong

By utilizing acoustic engineering, he is able to optimize acoustic quality while keeping the design aesthetically pleasing. The wind chimes are made from aluminum, copper, and brass. As each metal has its unique material properties, this diversity also ensures that each wind chime has its own character. Each metal is specifically designed and engineered with its distinct pattern in order to compensate for internal dampening, as well as maximizing resonance and sound projection. As a result, design and engineering work in harmony and creates emotional appeal. Although each breeze is a chance striking at the unknown, there is elegance within all these randomness — an order within the chaos. This simple interaction can either lead to the disruption of silence or the anticipation of an unknown melody.

Metal Wind Chime by Bryan Wong

Metal Wind Chime by Bryan Wong

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