Merhzeller Polygon Caravan Concept

“Merhzeller”, designed by Christian Freisling and Thersa Kalteis, is a Caravan Concept which is a conventional hitched travel trailer that is designed in the shape of polygons from inside as well as outside. It is a multi cell concept sponsored by BMW with artistic and impressive looks. Each and every vehicle will be unique because it can be configured as per one’s requirements and wishes. One can customize this travel trailer with the help of online configurator. Its interior looks cool providing all the facility that one would require while traveling. Compare to SylvanGo camping trailer, this caravan has bigger space. Overall it is a fantastic concept to go for.

mehrzeller polygon camping

mehrzeller polygon camping

mehrzeller polygon camping

mehrzeller polygon camping

mehrzeller polygon camping

Designer : Christian Freisling and Thersa Kalteis via Squob

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10 thoughts on “Merhzeller Polygon Caravan Concept

  1. Needs some ext color schemes & more windows & Idd add a skylight & offer Interior colors.

    Ext colors:

    Brown, Green, Forest camo, Tan, Red, blue, 2 tone, grey, silver, Irish Green, Racing Green etc.

    Very Radical for a camping trailer.

    But still a trailer.

  2. Why not use a buckyball (geodesic dome) design that would be stronger and more aerodynamic, instead of this random angle crap?

  3. You guys are insane. I think the design is great. It's very innovative and it's definitely not a turd. I wish the trolls would stay off the important websites. Sheesh.

  4. Sitting still it's cool. I'm guessing some of you have not pulled a trailer? The wind drag on this must be horrible.
    I'd like to see some wind tunnel images. Crazy vortex generator.

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