Martin Jetpack : The Future of Personal Air Transportation

The Martin Jetpack is recognized as the world’s first profitable rocketman suit, after completing a record-braking seven-minute test flight, the best ever by a jetpack. The jetpack is just months away from rocking the shelves. The Martin Jetpack’s flight has put an end to the 40 long years of development with its awe-inspiring outcome, after reaching terrifying altitudes of 100ft and more. It features a range of 31 miles. The jetpack is remotely controlled using a weighted fake pilot called Jetson. It smashed the records for both altitude and air-time, in spite of it limited to speeds below its 60mph capacity. After the successful test flight, the first commercial Jet Ski can now be dispatched for unaccompanied flights at this year end for a whooping price of £50,000. According to the inventor Glenn Martin, Jetpack has been designed to symbolize the simplest airplane in the world and it would certainly be a breeze to soar. The Jetpack can also be used as a mobile surveillance unit in counter terrorism operations.

Designer : Martin Aircraft Company

Martin Jetpack

Martin Jetpack

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2 thoughts on “Martin Jetpack : The Future of Personal Air Transportation

  1. Mass produce this for Sales & rentals, rig up Jetpack Parks for Use, Ideal for beaches, forests, lakes, rivers, deserts, suburb areas.
    Wow 31 mile range.
    Love to rent with Video Instructor showing me ropes on Viewlense in goggles.
    Must produce.

  2. The jetpack or the flying backpack was developed by the Romanian inventor Virgilius Justin Capra, he is the man who invented the first flying in 1956 backpack, jet-pack is known as the San Andreas generation.t
    The only difference between flying backpack Romanian and American jet-pack was just the color.
    The first flight was made on June 28, 1958. It got " released' by Bell, in the US.

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