Marion Hyper-Sub, a Revolutionary Submersible Powerboat

Marion Hyper-Sub is a submersible powerboat, an innovation new vessel with flexible design. This powerboat has the ability to run in the surface at impressive speeds. The Hyper-Sub is the first small craft built with the horsepower, sea-keeping, and range to allow operation on the high seas, which also functions as a self-charging, autonomous, one-atmosphere submarine. The patented design, which was 31 years in the making, will forever alter the mini-sub industry. The world�s first true general-purpose submarine.

marion hyper sub submersible powerboat

hyper sub transportation

The Marion Hyper-Sub benefits from a design which allows for safe, comfortable and versatile use. The pressurized passenger compartment is accessed through a top hatch which is four feet above water level reducing the chance of the craft being swamped in rough weather. With the hatch closed in a storm, the Hyper-Sub is actually safer than a boat. It can even right itself if inverted. And the compartmentalized ballast system has such a high lifting capacity that the Hyper-Sub can suffer a 12 ton loss of buoyancy before losing its ability to surface.

marion hyper sub revolutionary vessel

marion hyper sub future submersible powerboat

marion hyper sub

Designer : Hyper Sub

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3 thoughts on “Marion Hyper-Sub, a Revolutionary Submersible Powerboat

  1. Love to see this mass produced & used in in these markets:

    HI, PR, Caribbean, Med Sea, Mexico, Baja CA, Australia, PNG, Philppines, NZ, Red Sea & has these Apps:

    Search Rescue

    Marine studies

    Cargo carrier

    Diver rescue

    Mini sub rescue

    Navy SEALs?



  2. WHat practical use could this have as a submarine?
    The only thing this could be used for is drug smuggling. It only goes for one atmosphere, which is only 10 meters. This depth could only be useful if you wanted to hide the ship.

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