Mantis Motorcycle Concept with Chopper Style

Mantis motorcycle concept takes advantage of existing technology to create a more aesthetically simple design to the modern chopper style bike. The hubless wheels create a simple feeling to the bike that is continued throughout the whole design. Each piece of the bike is designed to flow together to create a bike that looks fast and sharp, even when the bike isn’t moving. Well, what do you think? We are still curious with the hubless wheels design, is it really possible ? Let’s see if this motorcycle ever goes into production.

mantis motorcycle concept

mantis motorcycle concept

mantis motorcycle concept

Designer : Michael Hansen

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5 thoughts on “Mantis Motorcycle Concept with Chopper Style

  1. Apparently designed by someone who'd never actually driven a bike, or not designed to be driven for real. The more you lean forward, the more weight you put on the handlebars. Imagine leaning into bars that point towards you – you'd need to squeeze them the whole time. Guaranteed short rides and cramped hands. These bars are almost 90 degrees off of a useful angle.

    Other than that, coolio bike.

  2. this will never be produced, the ergonomics and the shape of hole motorcycle looks poor, needs some details to input, and i agree with the comment of binky.

    the handlebars design already been built, in the earlies 30´s, thanks god this is not good for riding and been bannished from all history.

    the 3ds its nice, its dificult to modelling this shapes.

  3. The handle bars don't work very well as far as this design goes… unless the bike is electric or has an electric braking system that doesn't require a large amount of pressure. The gear drive is very possible with either more detail, a minigear drive system, or an electric gear driven system that has yet to be invented and perfected. Either way, this bike is very possible (even as is). This would however, cause Rodderick White at least 150k per bike. =)

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