Manta Craft Design by Casey Reeve

Manta Craft is a uniquely designed watercraft which provides the user with an experience that is a blend of Jet Ski throttles and smooth surfing. The seating arrangement in this craft is created keeping in mind the fan factor. The rider will be able to sit comfortably and at the same time can come into close contact with water. It runs with an electric motor which makes it a cost-effective tool as there is no fuel purchase required. There are handles and hulls shaped like “Y” to control the throttles so that the user can customize the ride according to his convenience.

manta craft

There is the solar/electric jet drive train, the body of the watercraft, the shin holsters and the thumb throttle handles. The solar/electric jet drive setup consists of four elements. These are the jet drive, the electric motor, the lithium-ion batteries and the solar panel.

manta craft

Designer : Casey Reeve

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2 thoughts on “Manta Craft Design by Casey Reeve

  1. Id ride this in HI.

    Below Markets for Manta Craft:

    007 Movies- have 007 use one?

    Tourisim: HI, Caribbean, Med Sea, Indian ocean, Australia,

    Search Rescue

    Navy SEAL Units?

    Harbor Patrol

    Add platform for more cargo & use for light cargo runs.

    Tug for yachts & boats



    Love to ride this with SeaDoo engine installed centerline with Azipod thrusters aft.

    Be Neat.

    & raise head or have wave deflector screen around head for visibility.

    Model types:

    1,2, 4 passenger types.

    Be very Bad to ride.

    Add to Yachts alone on Boat Deck

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