Magma and Super S Yacht from Sylvian Viau

Among several yacht concepts from modern futuristic styles to old classic styles by French designer Sylvian Viau, the Magma and Super S are really worth noticing. Magma demonstrates a new type of visual that could be applied to modern yachts to make them look even better. The surface hull is designed similar to lava cooling down which is really a unique gesture of a yacht. Magma is designed for navigation and ultimate exploration and contains a helipad on the rear part of the superstructure. On the other hand, Super S is designed purely concentrating on speed with a slim and smart outlook.

magma yacht

magma yacht

magma yacht

magma yacht

super s yacht

super s yacht

super s yacht

Designer : Sylvain Viau

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6 thoughts on “Magma and Super S Yacht from Sylvian Viau

  1. Love the Super S model, Id own that big time.

    Love 2 see in a 007 movie or Iron Man 3?

    GI Joe 3?

    Apps for Super S:


    Race Boat


    Scuba diving boat- race to site & anchor.

    For civie gunboat- hide the weapons like

    Disco Volante in 007 THUNDERBALL.

    Id add a Mini Sub & Midget sub to my Super S & Full on Boat Deck

    & Hi Tech bridge with analog Backup controls.

  2. The first one looks great, very different, very unique, that's what makes it great IMO. Something new. The second one just looks like every other smoothed off boat off the future assembly line.

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