M-Zero, Inspired by BMW M Series

M-Zero is a car concept inspired by BMW M series which also consider Mercedes Benz (as the backlight) and DB9 Aston Martin (the global silhouette of is definitely inspired by the DB9). Maël Oberkampf, the designer of M-Zero actually tried to make a model which could be considered as the equivalent of the R8 from Audi. And the result is M-Zero, a car concept that is the “synthesis” between the actual BMW design and a high an performance car which could become the most powerful model of the BMW legacy. The exterior looks great, very BMW style, but we are hoping to be able to see the interior design, we bet it’s futuristic.

bmw m-zero car concept

bmw m-zero car concept by Mael Oberkampf

m-zero, inspired by bmw m series

bmw m-zero concept car

Designer : Maël Oberkampf

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11 thoughts on “M-Zero, Inspired by BMW M Series

  1. Id drive it, looks neat, babe magnet.

    Need some refinements ,maybe 640 ext touchups.

    Id rent this big time.

  2. ‎Although there isn't much data available about this forthcoming sports car, by seeing the BMW Mzero car pictures, it is clear that the future model will be available in various exterior styles and colors as well. The new bumper equipped in the car looks elegant and comes with fresh styles. The new xenon head lights to the car add extra charm to its‎… مشاهدة المزيد‎ appearance.

    Even the details about interiors of the car are not available fully, it is expected that the sports car will be featured with all the sporty and luxurious offering available in the current generation sports models. Some of the interiors to be included in the sports luxury car include air conditioning, leather upholstery, front bucket seats, height adjustable driver seats, DVD navigation system, and AM/FM radio.

    To match the power generated by V10 engine, the BMW Mzero is featured with fine threaded front and rear tires, which is ideal for any road conditions. The rims equipped in the car, which are specially designed for BMW MZero enhances its appearance further. The roomy interior provides enough space for both the front and rear seat passengers. It provides sufficient leg room and head to both the driver and to the passengers.

    The sports luxury car, BMW MZero will be featured with all the essential safety amenities like central locking system, seat belt pretensioners, seatbelts, safety electronics system activated to the air bags, anti theft alarm, antilock braking system, engine immobilizer, collapsible steering column, child safety locks, deformation zones and side impact air bags

  3. The exterior looks great, very BMW style, but we are hoping to be able to see the interior design, we bet it’s futuristic.

  4. The insights about insides of the auto are not accessible completely, it is normal that the games auto will be highlighted with all the lively and extravagant offering accessible in the present era sports models.

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