Lyra 60-meter SWATH by Marco Ferrari and Alberto Franchi

Project Lyra is a 60-meter SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull), offers much more living space and comfort compared with a monohull. SWATH is an innovative hull concept for smooth service in rough seas. This yacht is thought for a renowned composer and his family to cruise and explore in all climates from tropical to polar. Project Lyra has been developed for ‘Young Designer of the Year’ 2014 contest organized by Boat International Media, arriving in the Top 10 designs.

There are many outdoor spaces incorporating convivial dining and lounging areas with many inside spaces for the high latitudes, each one with a beautiful view on the sea thanks to the floor-to-ceiling glass. The crew area is on the port side of the main deck except for the Officers and Captain’s cabin on the upper deck near the bridge.

The main deck opens with the salon, linked with the upper deck with an open ceiling. There is an interior dining area with a view on the sea looking forward; on the starbord side we have a VIP cabin with a private lounge and spa facilities.

Designers : Marco Ferrari and Alberto Franchi

Lyra 60-meter SWATH by Marco Ferrari and Alberto Franchi

Lyra 60-meter SWATH by Marco Ferrari and Alberto Franchi

On the upper deck we can see a family lounge, an interior swimming pool for outside cold temperatures and a 12-seats cinema that can be transformed into a chamber orchestra area according to the owner’s passion and work. The outside presents a dining area.

The sky-lounge deck is dedicated to the owner and his family: the Master cabin is located forward and has a private office, two bathrooms, a walk-in wardrobe, a private owner’s lounge and an exterior jacuzzi. Other four double cabins and outside lounging areas complete this deck. On the sun deck there is a covered bar, lounging areas with a turning sofa and an additional swimming-pool. We can see a beach club on the stern where a sliding ladder gives easy access to the water as the client requested.

Under the main deck a garage can store up to five tenders for amusement and safety and two jetskis; a hoist can lower the boats in calm waters between the hulls giving the guests the opportunity to get on board the tenders in tranquillity.

Lyra 60-meter SWATH by Marco Ferrari and Alberto Franchi

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