Luxury Le Rituel Champagne Box Set

Piper Heidsieck, the well-known champagne maker has worked together with expert show maker Christian Louboutin, and has crafted a great box set that can tempt all range of buyers. The inspiration of the creation was a ritual that has a long tradition since 1880’s and will be available exclusively through Colette on or after October 26th. The set contains a nicely decorated bottle of champagne and a stylish glass shoe that has been designed with an exact match with the design of the bottle.

le-rituel champagne box set

le-rituel champagne box set

Designer : Piper Heidsieck and Christian Louboutin

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2 thoughts on “Luxury Le Rituel Champagne Box Set

  1. At first I thought the shoe is a personalized wine glass, it makes me wonder is the shoe filled with wine? The color really looks like a wine.

  2. Hi Piper Heidsieck,
    I really liked the way you decorated a champagne bottle and its looking really more beautiful along with stylish glass shoes, nice creativity, it’s really a perfect match to give someone as a champagne gift on any occasion

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