Luxury Jacob & Co Five Timezone Collection by Jacques Fournier from Horology Design

Many high-end watchmaking brands are looking for new talents for their designs in order to offer exclusive and distinctive timepieces. Jacques Fournier, owner at Horology Design Limited, is telling us a bit more about his studio and techniques.

It is rare from one individual alone to be able to provide a wide range of services from the sketches, CAD files for prototyping through to stunning photorealistic 3D images and animation package.

The designer has recently modernized considerably the Jacob & Co five timezone collection of the luxurious iconic celebs jewelry and watch brand Jacob & Co.

Designer : Jacques Fournier

Jacob & Co five timezone collection by Horology Design

Jacob & Co five timezone collection by Horology Design

Originally from Switzerland and now installed in United Kingdom, Jacques says: “For Jacob the task was extremely challenging as famous names such as Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and many more celebrities like ‘Jacob the jeweler’ for his impeccable reputation providing high-end timepieces very often covered with sumptuous diamond settings“.

What makes you different to the other watch designers?
Well, I am not necessarily different, but I do not believe inspiration should be coming from existing things, only may be just a little to keep them doable. My work is mainly a mix of passion and a good will for the future of the luxury brands. I tend to think about a project late evening or early morning, sometimes in bed, and seem to somehow have a split second flash of what could be the next product, don’t ask me why…! Then I sketch it and build directly the watch in 3D which is very intuitive and allow me to work precisely at the vision I had for a perfect restitution. Then I bring it to life with convincing visuals“.

The designer’s studio is located in a town on the ‘English Rivera’ where inspiration seems to be limitless.

Why moving to UK?
I like England for the people and what they have achieved. Being located in UK is a clear advantage for me. I can work for brands worldwide without being influenced by the industry outside of my contacts. I like to say a good designer should create his own trend, my motto is to produce innovative and distinctive products which look like no other ones“.

Jacob & Co five timezone collection by Horology Design

Jacob & Co five timezone collection by Horology Design

Jacob & Co five timezone collection by Horology Design

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