Luxurious WohnGeist Swiss Tool Box with a Genuine Leather Handle

Handmade in Switzerland, WohnGeist Swiss Tool Box contains tool kit you will use for the rest of your life. Each box is exquisitely crafted by WohnGeist to make sure it lasts a lifetime. Inside, you’ll find seven tools that cover a wide range of DIY needs.

The wooden box features a sanded and oil finish, completed with a genuine leather handle to create that rustic look. Inside the box, you’ll find a Japanese hammer, Ranger wood Swiss army knife, water pump pliers, folding ruler, and mini-ratchet tool that also features an Allen wrench, Knipex combination pliers, and a bit holder with 16 bits. There are magnets line in the interior to make sure each tool stays in place while in transit. [Buy It Here]

WohnGeist Swiss Tool Box

WohnGeist Swiss Tool Box

WohnGeist Swiss Tool Box

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