Luxurious Audi Carbon Ski by Audi-Concept Design Munich

When it comes to skiing, a good pair of skis, weighting fewer grams and made of high quality materials is very crucial. Of the number of skis available today, the novel Audi Carbon Ski takes skiers to the next level. Created by the Audi-Concept Design Munich, these skies are designed in such a way to weigh less and look badass. Layered with aluminum and titanium, the skin of Audi Carbon ski is roofed in a carbon case, bringing total weight to less than 960 grams when compared to other models. Combing the technology from motor sports and winter sports, these Audi Carbon Skis are worth a look. Skiers, looking to do better than their opponents can look forward to see these excellent skis hit the store shelves this winter 2011. Calculations during the design process of these skies are made to delineate precisely the number of carbon layers required so as to create the ideal carving ski. Skiers looking to buy a pair of skis can try these Audi carbon skis and have an enjoyable and safe skiing.

Designer : Audi via [LuxuryTicker] and [Dezeen]

Audi Carbon Ski by Audi Concept Design Munich

Audi Carbon Ski by Audi Concept Design Munich<br /> <img src=

Audi Carbon Ski by Audi Concept Design Munich</p> <p style=Audi

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