Luv Walking Aids

LUV is a walking frame designed to assist in the mobility of the elderly.

The universal design approach aims to create products that enhance our physical environment, are easily accessible, and allow comfort for users. The general approach is to create a comfortable product useful for anyone, regardless of age or ability. LUV has been designed to assist the elderly with mobility. Designed with adjustable height handles and supportive mechanisms, LUV can also be perceived as a support, which is able to help relieve stress and pain in the back.

luv walking aids

luv walking aids

LUV has been designed as a foldable support with wheels and movable handles. These user-friendly features aid the user in carrying equipment, goods, luggage and other items. LUV is also designed with an integrated water bottle compartment. Its sleek, sporty design takes its formal inspiration from the Oriental long-headed locust and the grasshopper.

Designer : Chey Ho-Chyun, Moon Cheol-Woong, Hwang Kyung-Chan, Kim Hyun-Jeong
From Universal Design Center of Kangnam University,

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12 thoughts on “Luv Walking Aids

  1. We are a manufacturer/distributor of healthcare. We are very interested in your product please let me know how we can contact you to discuss your walker.

  2. Hi there; my name is AJ and im only 24 and coming to the point i am going to need a walker but i came across this design and wanted to know where i could purchase one as the only ones i seem to be able to find are for the elderly and being so young and having to go through what im going through i saw this and thought to my self i think i wouldn’t be embarrassed and so self conscious if i had one that looked like this

    please tell me if i can buy one as thia seems perfect for my needs and i really need one

    thank you

  3. Hi… What I see is great products, fabulous designs that I want to buy at least two.These are uplifting for people who
    are needing these aids because they are beautiful! This is where I hit the brick wall – – -I find no help at all as to where I can buy them OR how much they are ????? I live in France so trying to find an agent or outlet is not easy.

    Hello …please tell me where to buy these walking aids —they are great & there is no indication of where to buy or
    how much they cost !!! Help !!
    Mme Yvonne Price, France 66740

  4. Is this product/idea just a prototype and not available on the market? It appears that no one is getting any replies.

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