Luniform Frame Superbike by Sam Weise

This electric Luniform Frame Superbike is constructed from a weldless die cast aluminum perimeter frame. In order to reduce the overall weight of this super bike, the battery acts as a sub member. Its modular design allows you for easy maintenance and simpler way to dis-assembly for another cool bike body design. I hope this is not the final design, because I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be comfortable sitting on that hard frame without a seat pad.

Designer : Sam Weise

Frame Superbike

Frame Superbike

Frame Superbike

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Frame Superbike

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One thought on “Luniform Frame Superbike by Sam Weise

  1. Cool design and presentation, but there are some mechanical mistakes. See the sideview, the front fork stroke is way longer than the clearance between the front wheel and the battery. For sure the tire would hit the battery at the very first brake attempt. Other issue is the transmission, I think the rear swingarm travel was not taken into account, it seems like the chain tension is variable and is not able to follow the suspension movement. I know this is a concept, but some reality would help if the designer really wants to produce a rideable prototype.

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