Lunar Baby Thermometer by Duck Young Kong

Taking temperature of a baby with the currently available thermometers on the market is a challenging job for parents since they need to keep their babies still and put the thermometer under the arm or tongue to get a valid temperature reading. Lunar Baby Thermometer is a very useful apparatus that fits with the parents hand and can take temperature readings by simply placing it on the baby’s forehead. Its ergonomic and organic shape allows the user to hold and use it intuitively, while providing a safe grip in the hand of the user. A beeping sound and a flashing LED indication will let you know that the temperature has been recorded.

lunar baby thermometer

lunar baby thermometer

lunar baby thermometer

Designer : Duck Young Kong

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One thought on “Lunar Baby Thermometer by Duck Young Kong

  1. I really want to know how to use this thermometer in person. I’ve seen a post and it is also a Lunar Baby Thermometer. I would surely tell my friends about this.

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