Lumiore: Your Personal Fashion Designer Helps You Create Clothes Daily

Ben Rodgers, the man behind Lumiore, created a device that not only will improve the interior design of your home, by removing the closets, but it will also act as your personal fashion designer in a digital kind of way. The Lumiore is a clothes assembler and disassembler. This sounds quite rough, if you are a shirt or a skirt, knowing that your “life” will end in the same machine you we’re pulled out of. Lumiore also, drastically reduces the need for closet space and clothes storage as a person or family’s wardrobe would become almost entirely digital property. Each morning the user or users would choose from their selection of styles and the clothing would be fabricated to their personal size and shape. At the end of the day the clothing would be tossed into the chute on top of the device, to be disassembled and filled back into the correct materials compartment cartridge.

Designer: Ben Rodgers

lumiore concept5

lumiore concept4

This can be amazing fun, it’s like having a clothes printer, only the ink has been replaced with polyester, cotton and other clothing materials we use. Through this technique the dirt and all foreign materials would be filtered out, elimination the need for regular washing. Ben, created the ultimate clothes green machine, a device that not only creates clothes at a push of a button, but also eliminates the washing and cleaning experience. Lumiore has a big digital touch screen display that interacts with its user by showing the types of clothes he/she selected to be created. The top part of the device is the depository port, followed by the OLED display, the center piece and the clothes vending port. The center piece is where the dye materials port, the port handle and the indicator lights are. Lumiore’s materials port is pulled out by the central handle to access the coloring dyes and recycled materials cartridges. The cartridges rise outward in a radial fashion from the center when selected. They can be removed and replaced for customization with different materials which can be purchased from local retailers.

In shorter words, the Lumiore designed by Ben Rodgers is like having your favorite clothes brand in your own home, helping you create a more personal approach on the way you dress.

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lumiore concept2

lumiore concept1

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