Longhorn Bicycle Rack Displays Your Bike Like a Trophy

Phillip Stone, a Portland based wood worker and designer, has designed a stylish Longhorn bike rack that displays your two-wheeled vehicle like a trophy. Take your bicycle by the horn and mount it on Longhorn, it’s easy and simple yet, this bike rack would be a great conversation starter. Handmade in Portland, Longhorn is crafted of a vegan leather recycled bike seat with road bike handlebars. You can securely attach it on your wall using two screws, it holds a standard bike up to 65 pounds. [Buy It Here]

Longhorn Bicycle Rack by Phillip Stone

Longhorn Bicycle Rack by Phillip Stone

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One thought on “Longhorn Bicycle Rack Displays Your Bike Like a Trophy

  1. I like it, it is pretty cool, although when I first saw the title Longhorn, I assumed it had something to do with Texas:). Love it when people come up with clever ideas to upcycle/ recycle bike parts to make creative stuff.

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