Light Soy – Premium Glass Lamp to Raise Awareness about Plastic Waste Threat

Light Soy is a premium glass lamp inspired by the iconic single-use soy sauce packets shaped like fish used with sushi in Japan and around the world. Like other single-use plastics such as straws and coffee cups, the tiny packets can’t be re-used and are difficult to recycle, so most end up in landfills or the ocean.

Designers Jeffrey Simpson and Angus Ware were inspired to create Light Soy after eating sushi and being shocked by how many of the disposable “fish” they had used. Both grew up by the coast and found it absurd that the plastic fish would harm marine life.

They set out to highlight the big problem with single-use plastic and the impact that design can have on people and the planet.

Light Soy - Premium Glass Lamp by Heliograf

Light Soy - Premium Glass Lamp by Heliograf

It took over 3 years to design and develop the product, including two years spent perfecting the glass-blowing process. The designers worked with industrial design and sustainability experts Vert Design to develop a luxury product with a small footprint.

The design makes use of durable, recyclable materials such as borosilicate glass and powder-coated aluminum, in modular components. The modular design allows for easy repair, refurbishment and replacement, to maximize product life and minimize waste, and the decision to not supply a USB power adaptor encourages re-use of e-waste.

To make the packaging completely plastic free and biodegradable the team of Heliograf selected molded sugarcane fiber, instead of polystyrene or plastic.

Light Soy is available now as a USB-C rechargeable Table Lamp or mains-power Pendant Light. Both feature a built-in dimmable 3000K LED and are complemented by bespoke, powder-coated aluminum accessories.

Light Soy - Premium Glass Lamp by Heliograf

Light Soy - Premium Glass Lamp by Heliograf

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