Lifeline Base Camp Won First Place in 24H Competition “Everest” Edition

Lifeline Base Camp has been awarded as the first winner in 24H Competition “Everest” Edition. The objective of this competition was to design the fixed structures for Everest mountain where it can accommodate up to 5 camps to provide shelters for mountain climbers. There are many people make an attempt to climb Mount Everest, thanks to improvement of equipment and support team exists today, this dream has become possible for many. Unfortunately, there are still many die trying and their bodies stay on the mountain.

Lifeline Base Camp Won 24H Competition Everest Edition by Jiaqi Wang, Wanzhu Jiang, Pinwen Zhang, and Qiuyu Li

The winning team of Lifeline Base Camp consists of great designers from China, they are Jiaqi Wang, Wanzhu Jiang, Pinwen Zhang, and Qiuyu Li. All entrants only had 24 hours to design and submit their proposals. This base camp not only provides mountain climbers a living space but also gives them hope. This unit consists of modular structures, which can be lifted and carried by helicopter for quick assembly. Every detail has been carefully considered to meet the needs of survival on the Everest without much impact on the nature of the site.

Lifeline Base Camp features a slope roof to allow melting snow drain-off the roof faster, the side of this triangle shaped camp is completed with solar panels to generate electricity needed. To withstand strong wind, each camp is supported by two staggered column. Each camping unit comes with accommodation that’s been considered to help mountain climbers to survive in harsh environment, from foldable beds, a toilet, oxygen, stairwells, medicines, and even essential equipment for mountaineering expedition.

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One thought on “Lifeline Base Camp Won First Place in 24H Competition “Everest” Edition

  1. Needs Wi Fi, radio contact, heat, supply bunker area, & trails to base of Mtn for hikers.
    & clean out garbage on Base camp site & build new Base camp.
    Recycle garbage out in modules.
    Need snocats, etc for local mobility

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