Lifebuoy Boat : Linkable Individual Lifeboat

Inspired by the accident of a Syria family that was sneaked into Greece and they had to die due to shipwreck, Lifebuoy Boat concept offers a better solution to existing lifeboat. It’s a modular lifeboat that can be combined freely based on the number of family members, creating different length of a lifeboat for the whole family for up to four sections. Each module is actually a lifeboat, so, in case of emergency, victim can pull an emergency handle at the bottom of the boat to release their boat module. In this way, his/her lifeboat will float independently.

Designers : Chunmao Wu, Renqiu Chen, and Xiang Wu

Lifebuoy Boat Is Combination of Individual Life Boat

Lifebuoy Boat Is Combination of Individual Life Boat

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  1. Mass produce, for yachts, cruise liners too, cargo ships, awesome & for Coast Guard rescue ships.
    worldwide demand for.

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