LEAF Self-Generating Water Resource by Anurag Sarda

In developing countries, millions of people still have inadequate access to drinking water and usually have to use sources such as streams and lakes which are polluted with dangerous parasites, toxins, or suspended solids. LEAF Self-Generating Water Resource produces drinking water way better than the one from those contaminated sources.

LEAF is inspired by nature where natural leaf produces dew drops on itself. For dew to form, it is artificially generated through its condensation point. This unit utilizes solar energy to generate electricity which helps in cooling the metallic surface on the top of the unit. An electrical circuit monitors the temperature and other things needed in order to cool the air. When dew is formed on LEAF surface, it gets collected through the slope surface into the earthen pot. This process happens during night time where the temperature is low and there’s only little movement in the air, otherwise the air will form fog instead.

Designer : Anurag Sarda

LEAF Self-Generating Water Resource by Anurag Sarda

LEAF Self-Generating Water Resource by Anurag Sarda

The water is then purified through filter and layer of sands. Finally at the bottom we’ll have fully drinkable water. This unit is low maintenance; all we need to do is to clean the filter from time to time. LEAF Self-Generating Water Resource is 18-feet tall and collects an average of 20-liters of water in 24 hours.
LEAF Self-Generating Water Resource by Anurag Sarda

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  1. That’s going to be really handy around the house. It might have been useful if the pot were a little bigger though to avoid overflow, especially in the rainy season.

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