Last Drop : Pumping Up Till The Last Drop From The Bottom of A Bottle

The Last Drop concept derived from the inconvenience of pumping up the finishing liquid from the bottom of a shampoo or shower gel container to avoid everyday wastage. The bottom of Last Drop container is designed in a way that the finishing liquids are stored in a cone following by slopes both side where the dispenser can easily reach and let the user to have even the last drop of liquid. The container is beautifully designed to enhance the bathroom décor and lets the user to see how much more liquids are left inside. This product is very helpful for recycling and anti-water pollution with its useful functionalities.

last drop

last drop

last drop

last drop

last drop

last drop

last drop

Designer : Seonkeun Park and Jinsun Park

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73 thoughts on “Last Drop : Pumping Up Till The Last Drop From The Bottom of A Bottle

  1. good idea, but what is the bottle made of? form your renderings i would say glass. Glass in a shower means trouble, how many times have to knocked a shampoo or conditioner bottle form your shelf? well just change the material to plastic. i know it will not look as elegant, in fact i think it will look really cheap but its better then glass. other then that its a great idea!

  2. Looks great, I would like to see your concept used. Personally I always make sure I use the last drop of anything, it may mean unscrewing the top and mixing the remainder with a little water but hey, its better than wasting it. I always get an extra day out of the totthpaste tube as well by cutting off the end and pushing the toothbrush inside the tube to make sure i use it all.

  3. you have came up with a superior design for the pump bottle. the shape would be no problem to mold either. the margin of efficiency actually will appeal more to commercial industry. cleaning supplies for example. kudos. you should consider submiting the patent before showcasing it more

  4. @safety-clean inc:

    I agree!

    You should patent this! They also look very chic/modern in design. Sounds like it'd make lots of money. 😀 Its convenient, saves often-wasted stuff, and your design is attractive. ^_^

  5. See…now I think it is a great idea as far as functionality goes. But to create the effect you need to raise the base up, who's to say you're not getting less product than what you payed for?

    • The notion that the recess in the bottom of the pump having an adverse affect on "getting the amount of product that you pay for" actually made me laugh out loud. If you can change the shape of the container to achieve the receptacle, you can change the shape of the bottle to accommodate the difference, ie displaced, amount of product.

  6. Most plastic containers raise the bottom already. Its to save on product. The real problem here would be getting the plastic siphon tube to go directly to the bottom of the bottle every single time in a mass production line.

  7. This would be genius if implemented properly. I was just struggling with the last 1/2 inch of lotion on a pump bottle and I basically had to beat the ‘last drop’ out of it to avoid being wasteful. Some of the lotion still ends up getting stuck on the sides. I Hope this takes off as a reusable container that can eventually be recycled!

  8. the main problem with this product is that companies wont go for it. they dont care thats theres a little bit left because it means they can make more money. also the extra space could be used to store more shampoo or liquid in general. also because it adds a extra 10% material to ever bottle its not good for the enviroment in camparison to leaving a little in the bottom.

    • the first business that put this idea into practice will benefit. Only if they make it slightly cheaper than their existing product and market/advertise it well. MORE people will buy their product, especially the innitial launch boom (if marketed well). They could also sell refill packages so that the consumer only buys a bottle, say, 3 times a year.?. In this green age we're all up to sustainability… we're ACTUALLY learning! We'll curb our addiction to earths resources to a sustainable level, we have the intelligence, now the will power just needs a boost…

  9. This is the first concept design I have seen in a long time that actually would work. You have restored my faith in concept artists.

  10. What Mike says is pretty much how it goes. The contents of the bottle are minimal costs to the manufacturer and they would prefer you buy another bottle than use the last of whats left. Also the manufactufing costs would be increased.

    It would be great if used in conjunction with a smart advertiding campaign though. One for the everyman.

  11. So this is pretty cool and all but based off the design, a normal cylindrical bottle of the same size would fit more shampoo, conditioner, what have you. I mean really, pragmatically, you would waste money on this bottle because in a cylinder sure you would waste some but if it was the same size, there would be about 3 more pumps left in it anyway.

    Cool idea though, but I just gotta nitpick.

  12. This is so elegantly simple that I almost feel I thought of it myself, though of course I didn't. Some of the numbskull comments though! Of course you wouldn't make it of glass for shower products. If the bottle tapers smoothly then a straw that length would always reach the bottom, there's nowhere else for it to go. The extra material required is minimal. It can replace every pump or spray whether dispensing shampoo, window cleaner, or ketchup. "What's wrong with tipping the bottle upside down?" Hahahahahaaaa! It is hands down a better system. Start production.

  13. I think it's a good idea, but it looks like it would use more material to produce this bottle. I suppose a manufacturer would just charge more as a result. The extra volume of material at the bottom looks like nearly enough to make a third of a regular bottle. It's something to consider anyway.

    • this design uses quite a bit of material, yes, but I think thats due to the designer approaching ellegance with this design. put to practical use it could be a real saver.

  14. very nice idea, but I'm not sure if the industry will catch on because this will mean that for every 50 bottles bought they will lose a sale of one bottle. Not sure if the industry wants to lose 1/50th of its income so that the customers could salvage in a few more drops, but I'd personally love to have his bottle 😀

  15. Agree with Deniss. Industry would pay you to develop a bottle which looks bigger, but holds less and wastes more product. They don't want you to be able to use the last drop! One bi award went to the dude who realised that if you made the hole in the toothpaste bigger, people would use more because they tend squeeze out around the same length as the toothbrush. Thicker 'worm' = more product used. Clever idea though 🙂

  16. I love this design! I guarantee salon owners and stylists would probably love to get their hands on this to maximize their profits. Their products are expensive yet I'm sure the last drop for them goes to waste 90% of the time, they don't have the time to scrape it out of the bottom. Great design, solves an everyday problem, awesome. 🙂

  17. Nice redesign. Doubt it'll stop me from unscrewing the pumper top and diluting the last of the shampoo as has been the practice since early bachelorhood. Found most of the liquid personal hygiene products work about the same when diluted 50/50 with tap water.

    In a world soon to become more aware of the value of tangible resources. Being able to utilize 'all' is going to play a part.

    This design feature needs to be embraced by other industries.

  18. You are clearly not an engineer.. I also wonder what material is this from, the bottom part has a lot of waste material which actually cost as much as the entire glass. Also you cant manufacture it with blow moulding and neighter injection moulding!

  19. You guys are Cheap….who cares about another
    1/2 ounce of anything…. just buy another bottle cheap skate!!
    Don’t waste your time a Patent Application on something so meaningless and cheap…. did I say 1/2 ounce?? Look again. Think. Get back to me!

  20. If you would use one of these to save that small amount of shampoo, shower gel or washing up liquid ect, Why would you bother transfering it to this new container when you get home, just to waste a little in the process, as some will remain in the original less-efficient container.
    Companies will also be reluctant to invest I imagine, as this will mean overall the consumer will purchase less of their product, but then again in the current climate, it may be a gimmicky, GREEN selling point….

  21. this is a great idea. im assuming that you didnt even think of making it out of glass, that would be very bad to the common clumsy american. as production goes, i dont see a problem. if it costs a little more, then participating companies would just raise their prices. anything that shows the consumer that hes saving will sell, even if they arn't saving on a price. this will be sold and should be in production already. stylish body, no waste, and can be used for any household liquid (i.e. cleaning supplies, soap, detergents, shaving cream, any thing really). once again, a great idea

  22. but… on the "last day", the little thing at the bottom still has quite a bit more than the "last drop" still in it.

  23. these are absolutely adorable and the design is so modern, i would buy these for sure just for the looks alone!

  24. Selling Points: Interesting Design, very-eyecatching, I've yet to see any other soap/conditioner/shampoo container resembling it….

    Big Problem: If you look at your side-by-side detail drawing, you can see just how much extra plastic you would be using in EACH bottle to save a few seconds of time to just tip the bottle over and pour the last drop out. Looks great just not the most eco-friendly idea

  25. Just about all the complaints could be worked-out, but a pretty good idea.

    Keep in mind that people are generally lazy & wasteful. They can't be "bothered". So, do everything you can to make it idiot proof.

  26. This is a brilliant idea for consumers but can pretty much guarantee that shampoo manufacturers won't make it because in the long run if we're using those last say 10 ml of shampoo then over the course of 10 100ml bottles they just lost out on a sale…. same reason jam jars havn't been re-invented so you can get that bit that your knife just can't reach….

  27. Good design. However, probably bad economics for the shampoo makers for two reasons:

    1. The bottles will cost a little more to manufacture.

    2. For the same price, the user will get more shampoo. Ergo, they will waste less. Ergo, the shampoo maufacturers will lose turnover.

  28. Um, just out of curiosity how do you get the "last drop" out of the original container of product that you are filling this marvel with?

  29. almost every shampoo and conditioner bottle these days is made so that it rests on it's head, making the last bit easily squeezed out, thereby making this concept completely irrelevant.

  30. I didn't read everyone's replies but I'm sure I'm not the first to say this. It's a waste of time and money. Companies don't want this because then you'll buy a replacement sooner. The designer should have realized this from the start.

  31. oh ja. with regards to the refill packs, most things that would suite a bottle like this have water as an ingredient, for required viscosity. If you leave the water out of the mix you wouldn't now worry about wasting product on the inside of a refill pack; squeeze all the product into the bottle then add the required water, shake, and pour. Recycleable refill packet…recycleable bottle. Least waste.

  32. I love the design…Problem is that it is not in the interest of the manufacturer to design a container that utelizes the ENTIRE contents of their product. This is America they expect you to throw away the remenants and buy a new package

  33. Good idea. I for one am sick of having manufacturer's manipulate me as a consumer to boost their sales.
    As an aside, I would suggest though that you have someone proofread your write up for grammar. Not that I'm usually a grammar nazi, but that was so poorly written that I almost lost sight of what a good idea you were trying to present. Thank god for pictures.

  34. I think it's a GREAT idea and if I was a manufacturer, I would run with this idea as a sales add and firmly believe people would buy it… I would! However, I wouldn't limit it to just shampoos and conditioners, as one responder said, most of those items are designed to stand upside down. Why not expand to mouthwahes, lotions, dish soaps, etc. I'm tired of having to turn all these items upside down, leaning them on whatever I can find while hoping they don't fall over delaying the process of getting the contents to where I need them to be. I have been looking for a mouthwash pump dispenser for sometime now and would love to see this design on my bathroom counter. Great design, great look! Where can I get one?

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