Lamborbiker Version II by Flavio Adriani

Still remember with Lamborbiker ? Now, Flavio Adriani has come up with Lamborbiker version II which is still a unique bike concept which has been differentiated from other conventional bikes through its hub-less wheel design. The concept was inspired from the Ferrucio Lamborghini designed by Nicola Tesla which includes an electric engine to contribute with the environment. Both the rear and front wheel is rimless and uniquely designed to enhance the performance of the bike. The exhaust pipes are placed under the seat for better space management. The design doesn’t contain any speedometer and the handles have been placed below the standard height of a conventional bike. All together, the bike has it all to serve as a future superbike.

lamborbiker version 2

lamborbiker version 2

lamborbiker version 2

lamborbiker version 2

lamborbiker version 2

lamborbiker version 2

lamborbiker version 2

lamborbiker version 2

Designer : Flavio Adriani

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9 thoughts on “Lamborbiker Version II by Flavio Adriani

  1. just to let you know choppers suck balls, but nice renderings, and some aspects of your design are very unique and i admire that. good job over all

    but choppers still suck major balls

  2. I agree with the rendering quality and I appreciate the rimless design.

    The flat back tire will be completely useless on a motorcycle since it renders turning a pretty dangerous endeavour, nevermind doing that on a performance motorcycle. If it would improve performance, all racing bikes would have flat tires but … they don't.

    Good job nonetheless!

  3. Thanks friends!

    It's a just 3D with some ideas, My inspiration come from Osmos wheel.

    I agree with you, thanks and best for all

  4. Although this type of bikes are not my treat, its very elegant concept and good rendering. Good job!

    And its Nikola, not Nicola 🙂

  5. It's funny that your inspiration came from Osmos Wheel but your bike is almost an exact replica of the Hubless Monster built in 2004 by Mike Brown of Amen Choppers in Rogersville, TN.

  6. nice looking, but the front wheel being thrust out in front of the forks like that will cause it to snatch to the left and right due to the "caster wheel effect". The wheel cntre has to trail the forks slightly. Perhaps flip the wheel over and then it would fill in the massive gap between the engins and forks. Good luck with the ongoing development.

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