Ku! Phone Concept with Ability to Form Switches, Buttons, and Wipers Over The Surface

Nowadays, touchscreens are drastically being used by mobile phone manufacturers but among many others, missing of tactility problem is taking place most often. Ku Phone is a revolutionary touchscreen phone concept that can overcome this problematic approach by passing a temperate electric current for different material sizes both linear and three-dimensional ones. This handset is designed to form switches, buttons, wipers, etc over the surface of the mobile for any particular application. Moreover, this phone can demonstrate finger force to a given area and a moderate resistant or a feedback can be produced accordingly. For example, button pressing or wiper movement at the phone can completely imitate the analogous components of traditional systems.

ku phone

This phone includes a giant, bright, flexible and energy-saving OLED screen which is the only way of interacting and can independently produce required buttons and wipers for operating a program. Aside from that, the ergonomic shape of that phone allows to place the phone comfortably over a palm. There is a foldable stand at the back surface of the phone that can be used to place it as a lucrative alarm clock or can be used as an elegant lamp using the brightness of the OLED screen.

ku phone

ku phone

ku phone

Designer : Ilya Tkach

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2 thoughts on “Ku! Phone Concept with Ability to Form Switches, Buttons, and Wipers Over The Surface

  1. This is EXACTLY what is needed. As cool as multi-touch, OLED screens are, the buttons they produce lack the important tactile advantage.

    Also… visually impaired students are rejecting their school's adoption of the Amazon Kindle because they can't read BRAILE on it. Can you produce an e-reader that can produce the braile language? You'd rock for sure!

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