Kidget Enables Kids To Learn Various Educational Lessons With Fun and Style

The name Kidget came from Kid + Gadget, which is an educational gadget concept specially designed for kids to learn various things at home or on the go. This multipurpose gadget is a storybook when your kids love to read, while it can also turn into a drawing board or a musical instrument in no time when the kids are in such a mood. This innovative concept eliminates the conventional way of educating children, such as carrying heavy books, buying different items for different purposes. With the convenience of its multi-tasking touch screen, kids will have the freedom to enjoy anything they like. To make carrying the kidget convenient and safe, it comes with a stylish protecting case and a belt attached with it. Kids under 14 years old are the key target user of the concept.






Designer : Lim Hojoon

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2 thoughts on “Kidget Enables Kids To Learn Various Educational Lessons With Fun and Style

  1. Im no parent, but Id want this for my kids alone IE K-12 alone or K-4th grade min these days.

    How Neat.

    How cute.


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