Kettle Gryp : Portable and Adjustable Kettlebell System

Tight budgets or work trips shouldn’t keep you away from your fitness routine, that’s why portable fitness equipment is trending nowadays. Many people are aware the benefits of exercise, Kettle Gryp aims to keep you in shape wherever you are. It’s a portable kettlebell system, designed to be economical and adaptable. Made in California, Kettle Gryp is light weight and compact, easy to travel with, you can even keep it in your backpack.

Kettle Gryp Portable Flexible Kettlebell System

Kettle Gryp Portable Flexible Kettlebell System

As you want to lift heavier weight, all you need to do is purchase heavier dumbbell as Kettle Gryp can be transferred quickly from one weight to another. It is designed to fit most standard dumbbell handles. The Kettlebells can be expensive, but Kettle Gryp is offered with affordable price and weighs less than 1 pound. Each unit is made from impact resistant ABS with high quality molded Urethane foam inserts.

Kettle Gryp Portable Flexible Kettlebell System

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