Join Facet Placement Spices Up Your Dining Room Table

Decorate your dining room with Finell Join Facet Placemat, it’s a modern faceted mat offers unique touch to your existing modern décor. Its 3D fractal pattern is designed by molded out of heat resistant and easy to clean silicone. Designed by Rebecca Finell, each mat offers superior functionality with eye-catching modern shape. You can keep 2 placemats separated for multifaceted single place settings or just combine multiple placemats to create a seamless table runner.

Not only it is cleverly designed, this placemat is also easy to clean, thanks to its durable material, you can also us it as a surface protector for any table/counter. The heat resistant material is also great to be used as trivet. Available in black and white, to clean it, simply use mild soap and towel to dry it.

Designer : Rebecca Finell [Buy It Here]

Join Facet Placement by Finell

Join Facet Placement by Finell

Join Facet Placement by Finell

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