JetScooter by Norio Fujikawa

JetScooter is a concept vehicle that comprises both the look of a traditional scooter and at the same time, the essence of a futuristic means of transportation. As the name denotes, this vehicle comprises a jet engine and houses only one rider.







Designer : Norio Fujikawa

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4 thoughts on “JetScooter by Norio Fujikawa

  1. Star Wars Pod Racers & Landspeeder Exisits (Concept form).


    Still needs Buddy seat & duck shaped nose for Fwd control & turning.

    Or donward wings for added Lift.


    Need Jetcycle ways for Use.

    Some new industry to replace Motorbikes.

    Make Body more Aero Yet wide & ergonomic controls

  2. hi my name is Matthew smith i am currently making a documentary about up coming new tech that will be coming out soon i was wondering if we may come and film you and ask some questions about the product can you please email me at [email protected]

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