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5 thoughts on “IPSE Futuristic Individual Mobility Concept Will Let You Drive in Underwater Mode

  1. Way 2 Radical, I love the idea OF SynthEnvironment Driving.

    Great Intro via Rental marketplace alone & Sy Fy Channel movies, or TV.Id love to experience this car BIG time, or retrofit to other models

  2. dude way to be on f'n drugs man.. lol.. i really hope you aren't serious because according to vehicle accident statistics humans shouldn't even being driving cars let alone a car that simulates a lucid acid trip.. Talk about increasing the death rate ten fold with a concept like this.. hahahaha.. great layout and visual design skills however I'd like to see it used on something a little more practical.

  3. It’s a plausible idea. The day our vehicles can recognize other objects on the road, is the day our vehicles can drive us on auto-pilot. When that day comes, passengers can entertain themselves in any way they choose, even if it is visual manipulation of the outside environment. Great imagination Jeongche!

  4. The idea of the future is to rid the planet of roads. So you tell me what's a good idea and i'll tell you your wrong. Its all wrong. Enticingly wrong…

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