iPiano : Concept Electronic Piano by Heyki Lee

When you are playing a conventional piano, most often you are annoyed of thick score book that requires to turn the pages, resulting interrupt of your good mood. iPiano is a concept piano design with the ability of displaying and storing electronic score. The integrated touchscreen display will allow you to turn electronic pages with simple touch on the screen. The built-in software in the piano helps users to guide their piano practice by reading the scores. Moreover, it supports video display, which will help you learning by exercising some video tutorials. Also, you can compose music with the help of the picture show function.






Designer : Heyki Lee

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4 thoughts on “iPiano : Concept Electronic Piano by Heyki Lee

  1. I really like it, a lot, but does it have to be an "i" i know that apple is almost an icon, but it's not nescessary to be a guide to design, why not to do a piano with another interface I mean not only the screen with the partitures, maybe touch keys as the i phone screen, and what if this piano has a screen in which yo can play, its interesting the way you take the mattero of the book, but you can get it further, did you remember those pianos with light on its keys, they teach you some songs but not how to play, maybe technics of playing piano 5 colors one per finger maybe?, its a good start 😀 i like, well by the other side it's a good idea to keep the classical instrument,and take the book to other level, maybe you dont need the piano maybe you need the book 🙂

  2. Looks nice with the touch screen and all but isn't its purpose to reduce the time spent taking your hands of the keys? Though perhaps faster it still requires you to take action!

    Might want to add some actual "i" (intelligence) to it. Like autoscrolling pages instead of "just" touching the screen. Or for the learners amongst us, an overlay of the actual strike of the note to see if the timing etc is off. The dynamic capabilities of the display could be utilized in a much better way.

  3. It would be amazing if it had key recognition software implemented very much like “guitar hero” video games where timing and correct notes are registered, which is what Kobasaki is probably referring to. As you play along, the pages would turn as you reach the end of the page.

  4. omg this would be amazing for my girlfriend, i would kill to get one of these for her..that would be awesome if it tought you how to play a song too. great work i love it

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