IoT Magic Mirror for Your Smart Home

Powered by a hosted Web App on Windows 10, Microsoft introduces open-sourced Magic Mirror. This project offers the possibility to create a personalized experience that recognizes each user simply based on facial recognition. This concept smart mirror demonstrates how Hosted Web Apps in Windows 10 can use web technologies to deliver powerful app experiences to different kind of devices, including Internet of Things. Since it is an open source project, you can build one yourself.

Basically, magic mirror is a one-way mirror but made smart thanks to a simple LCD display that installed behind the mirror. This LCD would display white UI elements with a black background, so that it is easy to read. When the display is on, you can see your reflection as well as the white elements while the software presenting you with relevant information of the day.

Designer : Microsoft

IoT Magic Mirror by Microsoft

Designed to be low-cost and simple, Microsoft explains that anyone would be able to build it in just a couple of hours. The company also shares the open-sourced web app and bill of materials, including assembly instructions on GitHub repository where anyone can access it. The mirror UI has been designed to be as functional as possible, making it easy to visually digest while getting ready in the morning.

IoT Magic Mirror by Microsoft

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