Insight Diabetic Foot Care Scale from FrogDesign

The Insight foot care scale helps diabetic patient to spot the first symptom of foot irregularities and stop its rapid rise in amputations. There is a large LED display where the consumers can see their weight by stepping on the scale. Simultaneously, the system makes beep sound and lights up the mirrors in the scale through Cue Light Technology to remind the users to check their feet. The designing team has spent a lot of time to get the best angle for the lights and the mirrors to show the consumer an intense and magnified image of their foot sole.

insight diabetic foot inspection

insight diabetic foot inspection

Designer : FrogDesign

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One thought on “Insight Diabetic Foot Care Scale from FrogDesign

  1. The insight scale also has a professional version called the CheckPoint scale. This higher quality scale is available in the offices of podiatrists. It is a great option for our patients with diabetes who cannot reach their feet to examine them daily.

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