Innopocket Bumper for iPhone 5 by Andrea Ponti

Beautiful electro-hardened Innopocket Bumper is especially designed for iPhone 5 by Andrea Ponti. It’s constructed from a solid aerospace aluminum block that features anti-scratch electro-hardening finishing, it’s 40 percent lighter than titanium yet twice as hard. The surface is shock absorbing and bend resistant, a case design that combines both function and art. Eco-friendly at its best, all material is recyclable, it’s safe and comfortable thanks to its asymmetrical ergonomic design and compact size.

Innopocket Bumper ensures your precious iPhone 5 is fully protected from dents and scratches, the two-part design was developed to guarantee perfect functioning of the antenna as well as easy access to ports and buttons.

Designer : Andrea Ponti

Innopocket Bumper by Andrea Ponti

Innopocket Bumper by Andrea Ponti

Innopocket Bumper by Andrea Ponti

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