INFO Live Concept Gadget Connect You To The World Through Your Bracelet

As wearable gadget, INFO Live takes the shape of bracelet, simple and comfortable. INFO Live concept PC is a data organizer that allows you to connect to the internet world. This concept PC has the ability to transfer data information to any hardware and person any moment in time of need. This gadget can alert you about incoming mails, documents, view photos, play your favorite music. I believe travelers, student, mobile people would love to have an easy way to transfer data while on electronic information easily. Some people say this is stupid concept, but for us, this is smart idea, making our life easier by controlling another hardware just in a single touch of your bracelet.

INFO Live’s interface is designed to follow simple human gesture of flipping and finger kicking. Understanding the human gesture and how we behave is the building block to design INFO Live.

info live bracelet pc concept

info live future pc concept

INFO Live also learns about saving our earth, it uses less energy during manufacturing. PP as pars of the material for future recycling. Lean production methods that make sure no extra parts are being produce if there is no purchase order.

info live pc concept

info live bracelet futuristic pc concept

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2 thoughts on “INFO Live Concept Gadget Connect You To The World Through Your Bracelet

  1. I love this design because it woud really fit in with my hectic lifestyle but I could see myself deleting a file while scrolling through them so that could be a problem.

  2. Nice looking. Samsung has already created such a vision & may already have a patent on the concept. Check their website then the patent site in use of flexible amoled screens.

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