Infinitas Yacht Design was Inspired by the Symbol of Infinity

Infinitas is a 300 foot yacht concept inspired from the symbol of infinity which has been comprehensively expressed theoretically within the elevation of the yacht. This closed loop eternity symbol is featuring two major elements, the carving out stern and the mid section elliptical shaped deck constructs. The seamlessly flow of the yacht’s superstructure within itself is the outcome of the central structural spine that holds the loop together. The realignment of infinitas’ traditional functional area is an additional benefit of this concept which contains separate main deck, dining room and living room. A massive pool deck is one of the most amazing attractions for the guests that separate the forward moving dining room.

The new deck position allows direct access to the kitchen and dining room and offers additional activities combining with the salon/ living room. The pool deck can be traversed in three ways. First one is a direct outside walkway or bridge which divides the pool with an underwater opening that allows the swimmers to plummet from one side to another. Second method is a flyover which connects to the central stairs and elevator. A lower level lounge is the third option which includes glass portals into the pool. There is a helipad on the bow deck and the yacht can house 12 guests and crew.

infinitas yacht

infinitas yacht

[Press Release]

Infinitas is the second design launch of Schöpfer Yachts. Our new 300 foot (91.5 meter) yacht was designed by E. Kevin
Schopfer with Sparkman Stephens, Naval Architects. The design’s main inspiration comes from the symbol for infinity which has been abstractly expressed within the yacht’s elevation. The two major features of the yacht asserted by this closed loop infinity symbol are achieved by carving out stern and mid section elliptical deck constructs.

infinitas yacht

A central structural “spine” holds the loop together allowing the yacht’s superstructure to seamlessly flow within itself. The added benefit of “infinity” is the realignment of traditional functional areas. Within this realignment, the main deck living room, and dining room are detached. The dining room moves forward and is separated from the living room by a massive pool deck. This new deck location allows for the first time, direct access to dining room and kitchen for expanded activities, in combination with the living room/salon.

infinitas yacht

There are three methods to traverse the pool deck. First is a direct outside bridge / walkway which bisects the pool itself. This walkway has underwater openings in its support system, allowing swimmers to dive from one side to another. The pool has the option of being covered for larger venue needs.

The second method of crossing the pool deck is an overhead sky bridge which connects to the main stairs and elevator. The “sky” bridge is clear glass floor and ceiling allowing natural light to penetrate the pool below.

The third method is through a lower level lounge which features glass portals into the pool.

infinitas yacht

The main level contains the two aforementioned decks, living room, dining room, kitchen, storage, and bow deck (with helicopter pad). The interior design of the space, and others, reflects an intense minimalist palette with a dash of attitude. The main salon also features generous 12 foot ceiling height and fully glazed walls creating an island within the yacht.

The second level up is reserved for a series of guest suites and secondary bow deck. The owner’s suite occupies the third level with “sky bridge,” pilot house, and upper deck. All decks below are currently designated crew quarters, storage and
mechanical, engine room activities. Infinitas is designed to accommodate 12 guests and crew.

Thank you to Tangram 3DS for all rendering images.

infinitas yacht

infinitas yacht

infinitas yacht

infinitas yacht

Designer : Schopferyachts

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  1. Id charter this BIG Time, save charter fees (darn price).

    Radical & very Cool.

    Beats Tradit Yacht shapes Ive seen.

    Great PR if used by 007.

    Must sail around the world.

    Or off HI, CA, Mex alone.


    • wtf this design is awesome it has everything if you can't appreciate this design and the effort the designers put into it then what do you appreciate??? could you come up with anything like this… NO!!!! its a great design

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