Icono Telephone Concept Using Touch Screen and Animated Path to Dial the Numbers

This product represents a combination of modern as well as traditional features of a telephone. Icono has been designed to offer a unique experience to its users. The design is based on the hand gesture that people use to represent the telephone. There are two parts of this handset, one is earphone and another one is microphone. Therefore, the user has to use the iconic gesture while using the telephone. The modern part of this device includes the touch screen that shows the animated path to the user for dialing the numbers. Overall, this two-piece design is sleek, impressive and creates a touching interaction between the phone and user.

icono telephone

icono telephone

Text from Zinc Chan :
The Icono has created a new experience for the telephone, which is a very traditional product. I have based my design on the iconic hand gesture people use to represent the telephone. The handset is divided into two parts, earphone and microphone. This invites the user to use the iconic gesture when using the phone. When the user dials the numbers, an animated path is shown on the touch screen. Therefore, people start to remember the person by their unique pattern rather than the numbers. This, together with the two-piece handset creates a more emotional interaction between the phone and the user.

icono telephone

Designer : Zinc Chan

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