ICON A5 : Future Personal Amphibious Aircraft

The Icon A5 aircraft is a 2-seater sports airplane for the masses. It is solely designed for personal use. ICON A5 is lighter in weight and is amphibious with retractable landing gear for flying off in both water and land. Different features of this aircraft include carbon fiber airframe, folding wings, and unique engine that allow it to run on both aviation gas and auto. Now you do not need think of any destination in order to spend your vacations because ICON A5 can make your coming vacations unforgettable and absolutely safe. It is safe because it has propeller guard and built-in parachute that can be easily used in case of any emergency, very useful aircraft.

ICON A5 sport aircraft

ICON A5 sport aircraft

From the website:
Introducing a new dimension to sport flying.

A new, light sport aircraft manufacturer, ICON Aircraft, started with the vision that planes should be designed with the consumer in mind first. Founded out of Stanford Graduate School of Business by Kirk Hawkins, an accomplished engineer and former U.S. Air Force F-16 pilot, ICON Aircraft conducted years of thorough research to develop an industrial design that has evolved to become ICON’s first model, the ICON A5.

A long-time powersports enthusiast, Hawkins’ dream for the potential of sport flying became possible when he first heard of the FAA’s rule changes for light sport aircraft in 2004. As he witnessed what the Yamaha Waverunner did for personal watercraft in 1980’s, Hawkins believed a consumer-oriented sport plane could do the same for recreational flying.

ICON A5 sport aircraft

Early on, Hawkins began assembling investors and world-class design and engineering talent to bring the vision to reality. ICON Aircraft eventually set up its headquarters and development facility in Southern California, a region known for having the world’s largest concentration of aerospace resources as well as the world’s leading automobile design and development resources.

Advising along the way have been top academic professionals, business leaders in aviation and powersports, and directors of award-winning product design firms like IDEO and BMW DesignWorks USA.

ICON A5 sport aircraft

Leading the charge to bring the design into production is an engineering and fabrication team that previously worked on such notable projects as the Virgin Global Flyer and X-Prize winning SpaceShipOne, among many other significant aircraft and aerospace projects at Burt Rutan’s Scaled Composites in nearby Mojave, Calif.

Specs and features:
ICON A5 — Amphibian Special-Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA)
*BASE PRICE (A5 Amphibian): $139,000 USD


– Seats: 2
– Maximum Weight: 1430 lbs
– Useful Load: 430 lbs (minimum)
– Baggage: 60 lbs (maximum)
– Fuel (Auto Gas or Av Gas): 20 gal
– Maximum Speed (Vh): 105 kts (120 mph)
– Range: 300 nm
– Takeoff & Landing Distance: 750 ft
– Engine (Rotax 912 ULS): 100 hp

Performance specifications are estimates only.
Final performance specifications will be verified during flight-testing.


– Interior Cockpit Width: 46 in
– Wing Span: 34 ft
– Aircraft Length: 22 ft
– Trailered Width: 8.5 ft
– Trailered Length: 28 ft


– Folding wings (manual or automatic)
– Retractable Landing Gear (on ICON A5 Amphibian)
– Seawings, platforms for easy access and docking
– Custom aircraft towing trailer (optional)
– Headlights and flood lights


– High-performance composite airframe
– Amphibious design (flies off land or water)
– Custom, patent-pending, high-performance airfoil
– Rear mounted, 100-hp Rotax 912 ULS Engine
– Runs on auto gasoline or aviation gasoline

ICON A5 sport aircraft


– Intuitive, sportscar-like cockpit
– Comfortable, side-by-side seating
– GPS moving map
– iPod in-flight music port
– High-visibility canopy
– Flight with removable side windows
– Multiple storage compartments
– Glass cockpit for night VFR (optional)


– Predictable, docile flying characteristics
– Complete Airplane Parachute, CAP (optional)
– Patent-pending PropellerGuardâ„¢
– Wing Angle of Attack Indicator (AoA)
Seaplane only version, the ICON S5, is an available model, and will not include the Retractable Landing Gear. Options and price will vary on the ICON S5.

Designer : ICON

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51 thoughts on “ICON A5 : Future Personal Amphibious Aircraft

  1. saw it yesterday in Sf at a photo shoot/unveiling.

    it looks just awesome.

    Loads on a sweet little trailer.

    Tows behind a land rover

    30 hours of flight training to qualify to fly it.


  2. who is the builder?

    what is the warranty and can you purchase a longer warranty and at what cost?

    where will it be manufactured?

    what kind of financing is offered, rate and terms.

    fantastic concept, I want one!!!

  3. I live in Alaska, Ketchikan area – can the plane stand cold winters? I note seating for two but are there two sets of controls? What is the noise factor in the cabin? Any chance of a two-engine, 4 person model? How about an "extended-range" version (perhaps w/ all cargo space/weight given over to more fuel)? Finally, in the future of unknown petroleum resources is there any chance of development of an engine that could run on any other fuel? – JSC

  4. Hi hello im from Las Vegas Nevada USA and just wnatied to say that i llove the plavne and also if its out un the market for sale?? and thee asking price for it too! and another thing as well does it have for say…,4-to-5 people or seat for 5 pasanger?? and my plans are to put on small mini turbos say like 350 V

    V-8 from a corvette and push up 27 thaousand feet put mini turbos on blast for 10 to 20 mins. on full blast and glide and shut off engines to glode down to gudalajara Mexico correct its possible right?? hey is this plane on comercial sale or not?? please do respond/

    H. the KloWn Valenzuela I.

  5. Please let me know if you have an a/c available and if you are interested to get an agent in Italy.

    Thanks in advance

  6. Hey awsome plane this would be great for Louisiana sportsman my plans are to have fishing and hunting charters in atchafayla basins remote areas please contact me if possible

  7. I saw the Icon at the AOPA in San Jose and I must say it is the most impressive LSA seaplane worlwide! However, the airspeed indicator seems a bit too basic for those of us that appreciate stall warnings/flap range.

  8. where you take off with one of this babies from aeroport ? highway ? or a straighaway street ?, does it have airconditioning in the cockpit, do you need to be in contact with traffic controll at al times ? is it going to be availeble all over the united states? and where.

  9. Please send all information on your aircraft. Even thought I'm not current now I have an instument rating. I live in Omaha, Nebraska. Thankyou, George

  10. Ideal for :
    HI, Canada, Great Lakes area, Yukon Territ, Alaska, Minn, OH, VA, PA, CA etc.
    Be neat to land on beach & yank off surfboards for HI marketplace alone.

    Search Rescue
    Light Cargo

  11. Hi,

    Looks fantastic – I plan to buy one in a couple of years when the learnings from the first version has been taken intoa ccount. As I live in Switzerland, Lausanne. Can you also mount landing skiis so you can land on snow? We have plenty…

    Any other person in Switzerland who is interested in the ICON A5 to share plans with?

  12. I am astounded that a company which builds aicraft cannot be bothered to ensure that the copy on its website is in grammatical english. I would have thought that attention to detail was an important attribute for an aircraft manufacturer.

    On opening the webpage and noting the poor english I initially assumed the company was Chinese – but apparently not.

  13. The folded wing photo shows flaps and the extended wing photo does not…this is a slick looking aircraft and would love to fly one….also, does the instrument panel allow for additional gauges? when will they be available?thanks

  14. At $139,000 after taxes, this is a steal. If I ever retire in Hawaii and get my hefty retirement fund, that is up for consideration.

  15. To whom it may concern. I really wants to know where I can purchase one of your aircraft and what price.

  16. The Icon A5 aircraft is a 2-seater sports airplane for the masses.If you are doubtful on where you will spend your vacation ICON A5 is the best choice for you.For it will give you unforgettable experience and you can also assure your safety for it has propeller guard and built-in parachute that can be easily used in case of any emergency. Good luck for your new adventure.

  17. Its all WRONG. It LOOKS like a volkswagon… the tail end is top shelved where it should not be.
    The Cockpit is not glass ( state of the art should bring a serene joy to communication by conveyance*… not
    a tractor. The most I can give this ( unit ) on a scale of 1 – to – 10 is a 4.

  18. continued ;

    Short winded… ( short nautical miles ) for US Air Space…
    Puddle jumping is FINE*… BUT ! … where are we going to PUT … the Dog and the Cat and the Bird, and Our Bear BOX… Mr. Ranger !! ( 60 lbs? ) My dog weighs that much … Marmaduke ( he is Dachsund*, ) Black and Tan
    No Non-slip on The Gang-way where they can Save a pre-mature Baptism*…
    Once you get into Her all you want to do is PREFLIGHT… not have to Get out of your Seat and reach W AAA Y
    over there to get to the canopy… to close and lock it …
    Climb ratio is Slow… I can Feel it…
    Landing Gear sticks … Oh … I see there is NO landing Gear.
    Not GREEN ENERGY Enough to make a Statement let alone an impact… ( while we are safe*, ) Sir,
    Diesel , and Spent Oil ( distilled spirits ) … need em !!

  19. I'll Purchase Honda instead. /// Bring out the Moeller Car*… 2020 is coming and 2030 is right around the corner…

    Nice Air Craft though.

  20. I am Off to See The Wizard …

    LineCraft TR : A Futuristic Aircraft Specializes In High Speed, Mid Altitude Flight

    Thank you very much for your presence here in the World Wide Web … ( popcorn and a movie ) Dear ?
    I am going to have enough trouble just to stay off the Couch !! … Take my Wife PLEASE !! …

  21. I would love to own one of these air crafts. Traveling would be so much easier and AMAZINGLY different than airlines. Nice share.

  22. The collapsed wing photograph shows folds and the expanded wing photograph does not…this is a smooth looking airplane and would love to fly one….also, does the instrument board take into account extra gages? at the point when will they be available?thanks

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