Hyundai Aebulle : A Cocooned Motorcycle Designer For Los Angeles Commuters

This is a very interesting concept created especially for the Los Angeles region, where it would utilize commuter lanes and allow the passengers of the Aebulle to make a quick commute. The designer, Shane Baxley, has inspired from the European Peacock Butterfly cocoon, when he created the concept. Aebulle stands for cocoon in Korean. The idea was to design a motorcycle while offering the safety a cocoon offers a butterfly. The suspension acts in a similar manner to the Dodge Tomahawk as it leans in turns. The front wheels are on separate independent swing arms which allow this leaning to take place. The Aebulle is made up of a magnesium frame which wraps around the driver as well as an aluminium oxynitride glass that acts as the frontal cockpit area.

This glass has embedded an E-ink which offers a new way of allowing the user control over his/her radio, GPS and other similar functions. These controls can be modified by the user to fit their individual needs. Inside the Aebulle the seating position is fixed so the gas and brake pedals hang from the steering column and adjust to the drivers position. Upon entering and exiting the vehicle the center steering column lifts upward with the glass cockpit to provide the user room for entry. The concept is powered by lithium batteries stored in the floor board of the vehicle which power small electric motors inside each wheel. The Aebulle continues Hyundai’s strategy with the Genesis by not making their logo apparent on the exterior of the vehicle but present on the center of the steering wheel.

Designer : Shane Baxley

Hyundai aebulle concept1

Hyundai aebulle concept2

Hyundai aebulle concept3

Hyundai aebulle concept4

Hyundai aebulle concept5

Hyundai aebulle concept6


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6 thoughts on “Hyundai Aebulle : A Cocooned Motorcycle Designer For Los Angeles Commuters

  1. This Id ride, Must produce OK Honda, Yamaha.

    Radical ride.

    Need 2 placer & cargo carrier module in rear

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